We currently use two types of foam depending on the desired result.

Normally used for seat cushions, Bench seating, mattresess, reforming settee arms, backs etc. Popular also in boats and caravans  and for window seats.
Thickness Price per sq ft.
1/2"   £1.50
1"   £2.50
11/2"   £3.10
2"   £3.50
3"   £4.50
4"   £5.50
5"   £6.50
Also available in sheets 2.33 m x 1.65 m.

HR50 Soft
A top quality foam very popular for replacing feather or fibre fill seat cushions on high quality furniture.
Price per sq ft.
5"   £8.50
all prices include vat at 17.5 %

 Replacement Seat Cushions

                                       Standard Cushions
Replacement seat cushions are a cost effective way of revamping an older peice of furniture. Standard cushions normally use RX39/80 foam which can be wrapped in a 6oz polyester padding which is glued on and then enclosed in a stockinette sleeve. The stockinette acts as protection for the polyester. 

Price for putting on a polyester wrap and covering in stockinette is£3.50 per cushion. Total price for a typical 24"x22" cushion 4" thick is £24.20 for the foam. Total cushion price.....£27.70 inc
For individual orders either give us a call or drop us an e-mail.

Deluxe Cushions

Replacing feather or fibre fill cushions on older or more expensive furniture requires a superior foam. We use HR50 Soft. This foam is normally 5" thick and white in colour. The foam is normally wrapped with 2 layers of 6oz polyester wrap with inner sections to give the cushion extra body in the middle. 

  Typical price on a 30"x22" cushion would be £44.75 inc